Our History

 Grand Cayman

The work of the Church Of Christ in Grand Cayman was started by Bro. Smith, a Missionary from the United States of America.  Bro. Smith concentrated his work in the George Town area and built a Church building on the hospital road. However, after Bro. Smith returned to the United States, the church was influenced by a “new wind of doctrine” which lead members away from the scriptural blueprint of the Lord’s church in the New Testament. Presently, this denomination and is now known as the Agape Family Worship Centre.

In the mid 1970’s, the Alberga family moved from the island of Jamaica to Grand Cayman and could not find a place of worship.   They immediately requested help from the brethren in Jamaica.

In 1977, a gospel meeting was led by Bro. Harvey Starlin from the United States of America, which was successful in leading men and women to Christ.  In that same year, Bro. William Worthy and his wife were responsible for working with the new converts and laying the foundation for the work of the Church of Christ on the island.