Meet our Evangelist

Neriah pic for church website 2016

Neriah LeBlanc was born on the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica (West Indies). He is married to Deon E. Dowers LeBlanc. Together they have two wonderful sons: Josiah and Caleb. Neriah was baptized into Christ in September 1999 by Joseph P LeBlanc, the Minister to the Massacre Church of Christ. It was at this congregation he preached his first gospel sermon.

Neriah attended and graduated from the Trinidad School of Preaching and Teaching, in Trinidad (West Indies) with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. There he received his initial training in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from The Bear Valley Bible Institute International of Denver, Colorado; where he is also currently pursuing graduate studies.  Neriah is also presently undergoing training to become a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.

All together Neriah has been preaching over fifteen years. He has served as the Youth Minister and Associate Ministering Evangelist to the Checkhall, Massacre church of Christ on the island of Dominica (WI). He has also served as the Ministering Evangelist to the Church of Christ at Duffs Bottom on island of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Neriah has also done mission work in North America, South America and the Caribbean. Presently, Neriah serves as the ordained Ministering Evangelist of the West Bay Church of Christ, on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. As part of  his ministry, he has been the main speaker for the radio program, “The Word of the Lord.” He is also a licensed Marriage Officer of the Cayman Islands.

Neriah is a dynamic and scripturally sound gospel preacher. He is able to articulate with simplicity the word of God, and provide an everyday practical applications for Christian living. We invite you to visit us at the West Bay church of Christ where brother Neriah serves.

To secure  brother LeBlanc for speaking engagements please contact him at